4 days / 20 talks
Awesome and great speakers

October 7-12
The 2017


Encourage more two-way communication and feel comfortable asking questions in smaller groups

These are the workshops we put on last year, the workshops for 2018 will be announced soon







A Close Look At Lists

and Trees

Learn details about using and managing Lists, comparing classic commands versus list notation. And a look at the Studio Tree, a handy, but often misunderstood window object.

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That Works For You

A look at powerful SQL commands that do a lot of work for you: Merge, Analytic functions, Common Table Expressions, Group By Rollup/Grouping Sets, and more.

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In Depth

Learn how to add automated testing to both new and existing code with OmnisTAP for fun and profit.

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DevOps with

Omnis Studio

Learn how to bring git branching, automated testing and DevOps release management to Omnis Studio applications.

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Improve Studio performance with a bag full of

Postgres tricks

Postgres: improving performance and reliability of your data using techniques like stored procedures, database replication, arrays, triggers, optimizing studio for performance, background threads, and listen-notify (to avoid the perils of polling).

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Bootstrap and

Adaptive Web Pages

Bootstrap and Adaptive Web Pages: Allowing your ultra-thin studio application to display nicely and adapt to all platforms and devices – with no work.

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Deploying charts using

Omnis and the web to create dashboards.

Studio 8 is a major milestone for Omnis and with it comes more enhancements that let Omnis connect with the rest of the software world. One such area is data visualisation.

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Server Monitoring using


Using Sentry and Nagios.
Many of these tools are open source and mature — and it really makes sense to add them to your application stack, along with Studio as a development tool.

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Managing and running

Multiple instances of Omnis

How to gain more CPU power from your server using Omnis.

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A new way of

Looking at your data

Find out how to provide powerful interfaces for ad-hoc reports, projects, booking systems and schedules, and learn how the latest Brainy Data JavaScript controls have transferred this power to web-client development.

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Automated testing makes a huge difference in quality control and reliability of your software. Learn how Arts Management have developed this powerful facility.

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“Cloud” Software Lifecyle:

Monitoring, Testing & Auto update

Automated testing to enhance quality control and reliability of your software. Learn how Arts Management have developed this powerful facility. Adding Sentry and Nagios to your application stack, along with Studio as a development tool. Updating your application live over the internet.

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XCOMP development:

Studio 8 non-visual objects, functions and constants

Learn how to inject special data into Omnis reports, how to convert report data to custom formats, or simply how to add your own global functions and constants to the catalogue.

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Inside Omnis Notation:

Studio 8

Find out the difference between built-in and custom notation, how to squeeze extra performance out of methods, what notation to use in JS Client, and learn about the structure, intricacies, pitfalls and benefits of notation within Studio 8.

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JSCOMP development:

Studio 8 JavaScript controls

Learn how to develop custom remote form controls using JavaScript such as rich content interactive result sets (no C++ required) and learn how to provide an optional design interface for your custom controls (C++ required).

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Exploring the

Javascript Client

Explore the capabilities of the JavaScript Web Client! Using a sample library that will be available to attendees, we will examine the JavaScript Components and the Web Client architecture.

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Omnis 7 to

Studio conversion

Convert your Omnis 7 libraries to full fledged Studio libraries with a minimum of downtime and effort.

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Microservices the “Distributed Software Development Promise”

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$martlists for

Java Script Client

Hands on session enabling you to easily boost your jsClient apps with fast local data storage.

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Pimping the

Java Script Client

Hands on session enabling you to pimp the Omnis jsClient, modifying the original Omnis code, using and finding non-documented features.

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Making your application

Timezone aware

The Temporal effect on Database/Application Development

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