Tuscany, Italy

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October 16-21

Andreas Pfeiffer

Andreas Pfeiffer is senior consultant at TigerLogic in Hamburg. He supports customers in order to optimize their Omnis Studio development.

Originally as an independent developer coming from other languages he started to develop with Omnis 5 in 1989 creating an ERP system. When Omnis Studio was launched in 1997 Andreas joined the team at Omnis Software (now TigerLogic) in Hamburg working as a supporter and a trainer. He helped a lot of Omnis 7 developers to migrate their application to Omnis Studio at that time. „Developing Omnis applications“ is still one of my favorites“, he says, „but I also like to talk to people very much showing what Omnis Studio is capable to do. Especially the new JS and mobile client is something that new prospects impresses very much!“

Menu System, Messaging and Access Rights in a Omnis JavaScri

Many Omnis developers wonder how to implement a menu system into an Omnis JavaScript application and also control user or role based access rights. There is also a demand to have a popup remote form that allows the user to prompt for information while the main application is in the back ground.

Using an example of a forum like software we are going to learn how a dynamic menu system can be implemented using a folder structure inside the library and reused easily in other projects. It also shows a way how to implement a messaging system between the forms and how an abstract messaging interface can be implemented using super classes. There will also be an example how to use the subformset instance dynamically in order to prompt the user just like a popup window but within the JS application.

Sending admin alerts to the user using Omnis Studio Push Notification

Create admin messages for the Omnis JavaScript client

This session will use the new push notification in Omnis Studio JavaScript in order to send messages to all or individual users. We will be able to see which user has received the message by sending back a confirmation message. The admin will also be able to send individual messages to a specific user. This will be implemented using an Omnis subformset that allows to dynamically popup the message on the client. If this subformset is open new messages will be displayed there.



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