4 days / 20 talks
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October 22-27

David Blaymires

David Blaymires is the CEO of Instinct Systems Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia and has been involved with Omnis since 1989 when he first used an application developed in Omnis 3.3 on a Mac Plus. David teamed up with Daniel Weinstein in 1992 to continue the development of JobBag, a business management system developed first in Omnis 3 and subsequently rewritten in Omnis 7^3, Studio 4 and now Studio 6 with PostgreSQL. Along the way, clients have changed from asking how to use the JobBag software to how to get their business to really perform, and this has required innovation and a 360 view of what is in it for the client.

David has experienced the highs, lows and wilderness of running a software development company, including expanding into other markets. He still has a sense of humour!

Innovation workshop

Work in a group of colleagues to recognise, devise and deliver innovation in your business.

The Innovation workshops are designed to be informative and interactive workshops that look at what it means to innovate in a software development business. There will be 2 sessions in the program and the program will run twice in the week. (Or you may feel it would be better to run 3-4 sessions, with the latter 2-3 sessions being sessions that are exclusively working with the participants on their product/business).
We will be looking at:
• What innovation means,
• How to identify innovation opportunities,
• How to assess each opportunity and make it pass the test,
• Our process of innovation from the last 7 years
• Critically analysing what we did/didn’t do well,
• Providing opportunities to start the process of innovation for your business.

The purpose of the innovation sessions is to provide an understanding of where to look for innovation opportunities and to discuss these with other Omnis business leaders. In order to get the best out of these sessions, you will need to come prepared to discuss your own product/ business as well as actively participate in the discussion about the other participants’ products/ businesses.

You will learn how others think about their business/product, and that will help you think about your own product/business from different perspectives. You’ll come to understand there’s no wrong idea and when you’ll know you’ve got the right idea.

Leadership and Business Workshop

What was leadership and what has it become? How is this impacting on the modern business?

The elements in your business, the influences on them, and how to get the best outcome from a personal and business perspective.



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You’ll sign up for the session you want to attend on a first-come, first-served basis. Up to 6 participants may attend a session, if full, you can sign up for the same topic at a different time. During the session, the speaker will guide the audience through the main topic but you will be able to ask him/her to deviate and cover related areas. Sometimes participants offer new ideas and solutions to a problem.

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Pursue any question or area not directly related to the core topic. Every speaker hosts at least 4 sessions which means there are about 11 to 12 simultaneous sessions running all the time with an average of 5 or 6 participants

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Flexible conference format means you can choose the best classes for you and at the best time. Some sessions will be repeated, so when you miss one, you can attend the same session later in the day or the week.

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