Tuscany, Italy

4 days / 20 talks
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October 16-21

Jim Pistrang

Jim Pistrang has been immersed in the Omnis world since 1990. Prior to Omnis, Jim programmed extensively for IBM Mainframe, VAX and Macintosh.

Jim founded JP Computer Resources (JPCR) in 1992, and works with his
wife Barbara, developing custom applications and providing Omnis
training, analysis, and programming for large and small corporations.
Jim develops client-server, ultra-thin, and JavaScript applications,
connecting to SQL Server, MySQL, OpenBase, Oracle, Postgres and other database servers.

Jim lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with Barbara and Buddy the dog. In his spare time he coaches and plays Ultimate Frisbee, works backstage with local theater groups, is Amherst Town Meeting Moderator, and roots for the Boston Red Sox.

Exploring the Javascript Client

Explore the capabilities of the JavaScript Web Client! Using a sample library that will be available to attendees, we will examine the JavaScript Components and the Web Client architecture.

In this session we will explore the capabilities of the JavaScript Web Client, using a sample library that will be available to attendees. The first half of each session will focus on new components and capabilities
available since the release of Studio 8. The second half of each session will involve group problem-solving and exploration. Attendees will be encouraged to bring their problems and questions, and the group
will work together to provide solutions.



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