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November 3-8

Marten Verhoeven

Van Beek B.V. is a manufacturer of screw conveyors (machines for transportation of bulk materials like powders and granulate). Omnis is used to build its in house enterprise software, which manages every aspect of the company. Integration with the 3D CAD and PDM software, consolidating company knowledge in a configurator, automatic generating of 3D CAD models and touch screen enabled 3D terminals in the factory. Omnis Studio was the foundation to create all of it.
Marten has worked at Van Beek for over 12 years and has been developing the Omnis Studio application during that time. In addition to Omnis he builds the software using mainly PostgreSQL, Lisp (3D CAD), Python and C++ (externals).
His main interest is building generic solutions so he can create and maintain the most functionality using the least amount of time. The latest example is a generic rule based configurator which dynamically creates and updates a user interface using knowledge rules and is able to build a complete 3D CAD model based on the user data and the knowledge rules. By building this configurator in Omnis he learned a lot about Omnis and performance.

Human Interface Design

Are your users happy? Do you understand how they use your application? You can build an application which can do a lot of cool stuff, but if your users don’t get it, then it is useless. User interface design is hard, especially for programmers.

In this session I will try to show you ‘the other side’, meaning your users… the ones who don’t understand you. I will not show wat a good design looks like, I want to show how you can understand your users better so you build better interfaces. I will also start a discussion about design using my own application, but bring yours as well, because you can learn a lot from seeing and discussing other applications.



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