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November 3-8

Nick Renders

Nick Renders had his first revelation in the mid 90s, when his parents bought a Macintosh Performa. Captivated by the beige monolithic machine, Nick decided to learn all there was to know about computers. Sadly, when he discovered that there are “no games on the Mac“, the young teenager spiralled into a world of ice cream and gaming consoles instead.

Many years and failed diet attempts later, Nick was finally set to go to college. Deciding on Information Technology as his main subject, Nick’s love for the Mac was once again rekindled with the coming of MacOS X. This time, the relationship endured and after his studies, Nick was determined to find a programming job on the Mac.

Unfortunately, Apple was not very popular at the time, particularly in the IT sector. Nick was posed to fall into his old sugary habit, when he learned about a company called ARC, a repair center for Apple computers near Brussels. The company was in search of a developer to update their MacOS 9 application — an Omnis 7 library — so that it could run natively on MacOS X.

It was spring of 2007 when Nick started working for ARC and had his second revelation. He was introduced to the world of Omnis: the tools, the community, and the EurOmnis conference. The rest, as they say, is history. Nick continued attending EurOmnis, learning new ideas with every session, while at ARC, the Studio conversion was completed successfully, extending into a full time job as Omnis programmer at the company. Even though he still considers himself a student, the time has come for Nick to share his knowledge with the rest of the community.

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Strategies to tackle the changes between the different Omnis Studio versions, common issues, pitfalls and solutions.


Omnis 7 to Studio conversion

Convert your Omnis 7 libraries to full fledged Studio libraries with a minimum of downtime and effort.

Are you still stuck in Omnis 7? Tired of missing out on all the Studio goodness? Frustrated with limited support for current technologies? Grieve no longer: this session will help you get your Omnis libraries into the 21st century!

Find out all the secrets on how to successfully convert your libraries. Continue using your time-tested business logic in Studio with minimal rewrites. Optimise your code while allowing ongoing development in Omnis 7. Gradually move your Omnis users to Studio. All this and more in our Omnis 7 to Studio conversion session.

“Beware: roses, cobblestones and wolves will be on your path” — ancient Flemish proverb.



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