Tuscany, Italy

4 days / 20 talks
Awesome and great speakers

October 16-21

Nick Renders

Omnis 7 to Studio conversion

Convert your Omnis 7 libraries to full fledged Studio libraries with a minimum of downtime and effort.

Are you still stuck in Omnis 7? Tired of missing out on all the Studio goodness? Frustrated with limited support for current technologies? Grieve no longer: this session will help you get your Omnis libraries into the 21st century!

Find out all the secrets on how to successfully convert your libraries. Continue using your time-tested business logic in Studio with minimal rewrites. Optimise your code while allowing ongoing development in Omnis 7. Gradually move your Omnis users to Studio. All this and more in our Omnis 7 to Studio conversion session.



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Pursue any question or area not directly related to the core topic. Every speaker hosts at least 4 sessions which means there are about 11 to 12 simultaneous sessions running all the time with an average of 5 or 6 participants

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Flexible conference format means you can choose the best classes for you and at the best time. Some sessions will be repeated, so when you miss one, you can attend the same session later in the day or the week.

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