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November 3-8

Silvan Baach

Silvan Baach has been an integral part of Profile GmbH since joining the company in 2018. He is making his debut at the 2024 Euromnis Conference, looking forward to sharing insights and experiences with fellow participants.

At Profile GmbH, Silvan has been involved in various projects, contributing to the continuous evolution and enhancement of the company’s flagship product, Helper. This ERP-software solution, originally tailored for small and medium printing and prepress companies, has grown into a comprehensive workflow system. Silvan’s work has been pivotal in integrating new technologies and ensuring that Helper remains innovative and aligned with industry advancements.

Silvan’s expertise spans a broad range of tools and technologies. In addition to Omnis, he works with PostgreSQL, MantisBT, Mediawiki, Sentry, OmnisTAP, Jenkins, Apache Archiva and Gitea among others.

Silvan holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), where he honed his skills and developed a strong foundation in software engineering and IT management. His journey with Omnis began at Profile GmbH, where he quickly became proficient in leveraging the platform for developing robust and efficient software solutions.

Sentry – Proactive Error Monitoring and Debugging

Conveniently finding unforeseen issues in code automatically

Gain real-time insights into your application’s health with Sentry, seamlessly integrated into your Omnis Studio environment. As your codebase expands over the years, tracking and managing errors becomes increasingly challenging. Even with built-in logging and debugging tools, it can be difficult to identify and resolve issues promptly. And don’t ever expect your customer to tell you what went wrong – they’ll just say “it doesn’t work!”

With Sentry, you can monitor errors and performance in real-time on a user-friendly platform that many developers are already familiar with.

In this workshop, Silvan will guide you through integrating Sentry into Omnis Studio, using his ERP-Software “Helper” as the model to demonstrate:

    • Sentry Integration: Our approach to embedding Sentry within Omnis to capture and report errors with a complete stacktrace, exceptions, and performance issues.
    • Error Tracking: Efficient tracking and categorization of errors to prioritize fixes and improve overall stability.
    • Custom Tags: Utilizing custom tags to filter and categorize errors for more effective tracking and analysis.
    • Link Users: Linking user actions and sessions to specific errors for more context-aware debugging and resolution.

Alerts: Setting up alerts to notify you of critical issues in real-time, ensuring prompt attention and resolution.

Silvan’s session offers practical code examples and configurations that you can adapt and implement to enhance your error monitoring and debugging processes with Sentry.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a free tier Sentry account set up with a library enabling you to trigger and explore various errors.



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